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Dental restoration therapy

If a tooth has a “hole” and is therefore attacked by caries, the destroyed tooth substance must be removed and replaced with an adequate filling material.

Amalgam is fully refunded by the health insurance provider and provides a simple means of therapy. However, amalgam contains the heavy metal mercury, is unaesthetic and does not create a stable bond with the tooth. Therefore, amalgam is no longer state-of-the-art. We still use this material in our office as it is still the only filling material officially covered by the health insurance companies. Replacement materials, e.g. cements, can not be considered a good alternative. They are highly porous, brittle and lack durability.

Composites, which are ceramic-reinforced resins, are perfect filling materials because of their physical properties. Aesthetically excellent results can be achieved directly in the mouth, with the use of layering techniques. The original tooth shape is restored by individual modeling. Unlike amalgam, composites form an adhesive bond with the tooth substance and stabilize the hollowed-out tooth. In addition, composites are biocompatible.

Combined with a laser treatment, the overall process is gentle and pleasant.

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Dentist Dr. Michael Konrad
Dentist Dr. Jana Konrad
Bodenseestraße 5
88048 Friedrichshafen-Ailingen

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