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Digital X-ray

We use digital X-ray technology in our dental office. This is the next step in development for traditional analog systems.

Depending on the diagnostic needs, a single tooth image, panoramic image or 3D image can be taken. Panoramic images show all of the patient’s teeth, bones of the jaws and temporomandibular joints. All these structures are visualized with just one picture taken by a x-ray apparatus which rotates around your head. The panoramic image provides a general view of the most important structures of the mouth. It also provides information on wisdom teeth and inflammation processes that may be present in the jaw.

The advantages of digital radiography:

3D X-ray

Our X-ray machine has a special feature which lets us capture high-resolution three-dimensional images of the teeth and jaws. The main advantage of 3D X-rays is that the images can provide more diagnostic information than conventional analog images.

This proves to be a great advantage during implant planning, assessment of wisdom teeth and during endodontic treatment.

The advantages of digital 3D X-ray:


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