Implants -- tooth replacement, for a wide variety of cases

Most patients wish to have fixed dentures or better hold and comfort for their removable, high-quality dentures. Implants (artificial dental roots) offer a wide range of customized possibilities no matter if you’re missing just one tooth, several or all your teeth. We exclusively use implants from the established brand manufacturers of Camlog® and Bicon®, depending on the requirements. These implant systems have proved to be successful over many years of clinical experience.

The use of implants has become standard procedure in dentistry over the last years. Nevertheless, experience in the field of Oral Surgery and Prosthodontics is required. At the end of the healing phase, we closely collaborate with the dental laboratory in order to manufacture your customized dentures.


The advantages speak for themselves:

Perfect care ensures durability and quality of life. We recommend a special medical prevention program. Professional tooth cleaning of your implants is regularly performed. The medical prevention program keeps your oral cavity healthy and your dentures in good condition.

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