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Own dental technician laboratory – close cooperation resulting in high quality

With a great deal of technical know-how and state-of-the-art equipment, we manufacture your dentures individually and with the utmost precision. Close cooperation between the dentist and dental technician offer great advantages and ensure the best possible care. Our dental technicians can get to know you as a person and choose the teeth that fit you best personally. Normally, a dental technician receives an “anonymous” plaster model with a color specification to produce a dental prosthesis. At our office, we make sure that the dental technician sees and knows the patient, so that factors such as facial shape, body size, skin color, hair and eye color, color of neighbouring teeth are taken into account while creating the prosthesis. This way it becomes something personal and not just a piece of work.

Just in case small corrections must be made to the finished crowns, this can be directly done in our office. The patient doesn’t need another appointment, and doesn’t have to spend time using a temporary restoration once more.

We mostly work with full-ceramic dental bridges and caps, since these have the greatest ability to resemble the natural tooth and are also biologically inert i.e. they do not cause tissue reactions.

Our precise process starts with the impression. The rest of the processing and finishing is done with precise machines that are made in Germany.

A plaster model is produced and a fully adjustable articulator (temporomandibular joint simulator) is used to copy the parameters of your occlusion.

This is then scanned with a 3D digital scanner.

The tooth replacement is virtually designed and milled with the help of a CAD program.

The abutment is then individually veneered and later burned. After a high gloss polish your unique dentures are ready.

We work exclusively with certified and tested materials and therefore offer dentures for the highest aesthetic requirements 100% “Made in Friedrichshafen”.


+49 7541 / 54940 info@zahnarzt-ailingen.de

Dentist Dr. Michael Konrad
Dentist Dr. Jana Konrad
Bodenseestraße 5
88048 Friedrichshafen-Ailingen

Surgery hours

Monday 8am - 7pm

Tuesday 8am - 7pm

Wednesday 8am - 7pm

Thursday 8am - 7pm

Friday 8am - 1pm

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