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Periodontitis is a bacterial inflammation of the periodontal apparatus (periodontium).

Periodontitis occurs when gum infections remain untreated for an extended period of time and the inflammation reaches the tooth-holding apparatus. The inflammation of the periodontium is treatable yet the destruction of the periodontium is usually not fully reversible. The nature and severity of the course of the disease depend on several factors. The effects of the disease on the whole organism is also important. Among others these are an increased risk of heart attacks, stroke, premature birth.

Periodontal diseases are difficult to diagnose, since they generally present without pain. However, the following symptoms may suggest periodontal disease:

Even, if the inflammation of the tooth holding apparatus can be treated and we use the most modern methods, such as a dental laser, the first premise is however to prevent and treat the development of periodontal disease, which leads to tooth loss if untreated.

The only way to prevent this disease is proper daily oral hygiene and hygiene of the interdental spaces, regular check-ups at the dentist, at least two professional tooth cleanings per year and reducing risk factors:

The therapy of periodontitis is very complex and individually adjusted for each patient. We would gladly provide you with more details at our office!


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