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Are you sleeping or still snoring?

Snoring is an everyday problem for many couples. Not only is snoring bad for relationships but also for your health.

Snoring means an upset partner

Why do people snore? Snoring is caused by vibrating muscles and soft tissues in the narrowed throat. As the muscles relax during sleep, the lower jaw and tongue retrude backwards and thus narrows the airway. Low tissue tension and obesity may also be the cause of snoring. Therefore the snoring problem increases considerably with age. The affected person often does not notice his snoring at all – but suffers from the consequences such as mouth dryness, hoarseness and throat pain. However, the partner may actually feel more influenced by the snoring. Therefore, a solution must be sought together. We would be pleased to consult you in our office.

Sleep apnea – sleeping with breaks in breathing

This sleeping disorders causes breaks in breathing lasting more than 10 seconds each. This results in insufficient oxygen supply to all the organs in the body. The patient then wakes up. Restful and regenerative sleep is not possible and the patient’s performance during the day is clearly restricted.

Sleep apnea can have also serious effects and your health:

In short: the quality of life is lowered and life expectancy is reduced.

Treatment with laser or splints – one problem, two solutions

Snoring without apnea can be corrected by gentle and painless palatal tightening with laser treatment. Easy to medium level sleep apnea can be treated with special splints, similar to  dental braces or a sports mouth guard. The dental splints make sure the mandible, tongue and velum is pushed forwards during sleep. The airways stay wide open and patent, thus allowing proper airflow during sleep and oxygen supply to the organs.

Due to special connecting elements between the upper and lower splints, the appliances can be adjusted in such a way that alarming wake-up reactions do not occur and your partner and you can have a peaceful night.

We are a member of the German Society of Dental Sleep Medicine (DGZS) and the decision which therapy is suitable for you is made in close cooperation with an experienced sleep physician and a sleep laboratory.



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